About us

Sait Arslan Architects is a devoted group of multi-disciplinary design creatives who aim to deliver high quality and inspirational design projects with 20 years of experience. It renders all design processes required for the development of complex design projects. Our portfolio includes various design projects of residential, office spaces, retail, historical building restorations, restaurants, night clubs, hospitality, contract and fit-out projects  that achieve your desired atmosphere or style while meeting all your functional needs.

We partner with our clients, prepare tailored unique design plans to become a part of their development team, To understand their vision, business objectives and market opportunities. Under this new umbrella, operating as a platform, we do what each of us does best, but with a strong collaboration.


Our services include; Interior design, architectural design, planning, design only, concept projects, virtual reality 3d visuals , graphic design, build only, fit-out projects, construction processes, project management and turn key solution services (From shell and core to delivery, Space Planning & Layout, Product Configuration and Fabric Selection,Presentation Materials & Samples, Facilitation & Coordination of Logistics, Delivery and Installation, Interior & Exterior Furnishings)

our process

We start with collaboration and our process goes on with these steps ; conceptualization,market research, presentation, implementation and completion.

Design & build - turn key solutions

Once the concept design and quotation is agreed upon the project, contracts are signed, manufacturing process commences.

Design and Manufacture only with local Fit Out

In this scenario we will design the entire project, build it locally, then transport it to the site where its installed locally withour guidance.

Design only

In this scenario we provide a range of design services such as detailed drawings and 3d renders, whereby the project is designed but manufactured and installed at the project site.

Timescale & Cost

From contact to completion, the turnaround timedepends on the size of the project. This would include the preparation of concept and detailed drawings, the manufacture of the fixtures, furnitures, shipping and final fit out. The cost of any project depends on a number of factors, the size of the site, the design style, the configuration of major cost elements .

A fixed price can only be given once a design proposal has been prepared, but in practice, we normally design a project to match the clients budget.

designers and contributors

our partners