The design of A30 Apartment House in Ataköy, Istanbul was completed in 2013. The residence has an area of 160 square meters. The A30 Apartment House has a rich atmosphere and a fresh air with gold details on the walls and ceiling.

The living room and dining room have an open plan design. Windows and balcony door cover the whole wall. Thus, the view of the landscape is not blocked. In addition, the space is made to feel more spacious and a fresh air is provided. Along with the golden frames on the walls and other details, the golden strips on the ceiling completely changed the atmosphere of the place and made it one of the examples of modern home decoration. Wallpapers are used on the walls to add movement to the space. The dark wood flooring preferred by the designers and the wallpapers used by choosing the appropriate colors to soften the color transition are in harmony. A stylish yet unobtrusive appearance has been achieved in A30 Apartment House. The interior decoration of the house was completed with the abundantly detailed chandelier used.

In the kitchen, wooden kitchen cabinets are used, which are in harmony with both the wooden flooring on the floor and the walls. Bright white countertops were preferred, which will bring the elegance and fresh air in the environment to the fore.

In the bathroom, a design dominated by black and white has been achieved without departing from the luxurious look. The designers evaluated the walls in two parts. Marble patterned tiles are used on both the walls and the floor. The residence was evaluated as a whole by adding golden details to the bathroom.

Location : Ataköy / İstanbul
Date: 2013
Area : 160 m²