The total area of 13600 square meters of Ace Logistics Headquarters in Dilovası, Gebze, consists of many office rooms, meeting rooms, training areas and social areas.

While designing each area, the designers did not only think about focus, but by using glass on the walls of each room used for various purposes, they created more social spaces where people can communicate more easily. In addition, thanks to this, daylight is drawn towards the center and quite spacious and dynamic spaces are created.

When visitors enter, they are greeted by a statue that is almost the symbol of the center. Then, the information desk draws attention with its marble texture. Lighting hanging from the ceiling made the ceiling appear higher and the space felt wider with the walls giving the impression of a semi-mirror.

In the meeting rooms dominated by wooden materials, with the help of the lights, the walls have been animated and the room has been removed from the boring. In the training rooms, the effect of blue that helps to focus was used and a simple design was preferred by avoiding distractions. In addition, in other office rooms, blue color was used with the help of ventilation pipes in certain areas for this purpose.

Especially by placing various plants in social areas, which constitute a preferred point for motivation and rest, it is aimed to make the calming and relaxing effect of green feel, and naturalness is supported in the places where wood is dominant.

In office rooms, chandeliers that hang long from the ceiling and branch into their own body are preferred, thus creating a relationship between the geometric structure of the chandeliers and the rectangular panels on the walls. In addition, comfortable and open work areas have been designed for the number of crowded uses. When separating or dividing a space, instead of walls that create a sense of pressure on users, panels are used instead of glass and screen, where you can always see the other side.

Location : Dilovasi / Gebze
Area : 13600 m²