The design of Arya Etiler Apartment House, located in Etiler, Istanbul, was completed in 2018. The residence has an area of 220 square meters. Arya Etiler Apartment House has a rich and detailed design. It has a unique interior design, especially with floor and ceiling details designed by designers.

When you first enter the residence, the details on the richly designed floor and ceiling, in contrast to the plain and light-colored walls, attract attention. Adhering to the pattern created from geometric shapes on the floor, a golden color compatible with these shapes on the floor was added. Geometric panels in gold color were also used on the ceiling. Thus, while the house has a different interior decoration, a relationship is provided between the floor and the ceiling. In addition, the cabinet used at the entrance, whose doors are made of square mirrors, made the space feel more spacious.

The living room and dining room have an open plan design. A white color is used on the walls, which brings calmness to the space. On the floor, unlike the walls, a dark wooden parquet is preferred. Three large windows are included in the architectural design of the room. Thus, sufficient sunlight and fresh air were provided to enter this large space.

Two large chandeliers with plenty of detail and a rich design are used, one in the living area and one in the dining area. These chandeliers designed by the designers have changed the atmosphere of the environment by adding movement to the space. One of the most striking elements in the living area has been the design of the television unit, which consists of niche-shaped rectangular shelves with internal lighting.

A heartwarming white color dominates the kitchen, which makes the space feel larger and more spacious. The gold-coloured details used on the floor and on the cabinet and drawer handles have turned this simple design into an attractive and stylish simplicity.

There are two bathrooms in the residence. Although color diversity is avoided in the bathrooms, the interior architectural decoration is differentiated with the preferred wall vegetal patterned tiles on the sinks and walls.

In the children’s room, a design that does not tire the eyes has been adopted. On the floor, light-colored parquet is preferred. A patterned wallpaper is also used on the wall, which is in harmony with the floor and will make the time spent in the room more enjoyable.

There is also a dressing room in the house. The decoration of the dressing room was also evaluated as a whole together with the other parts of the house. Cabinets and table are designed in light colors. On the floor, a slightly darker wooden parquet is preferred. For lighting, a simple chandelier was used without going overboard.

Location : Etiler / Istanbul
Date: 2018
Area : 220 m²