Located in Bomonti, Istanbul, Bomonti 65 Pizzeria has been serving since 2017 with an area of 150 square meters.

The environment created by the dim lights has made the place a peaceful atmosphere. The fact that there are seating areas not only inside the space but also outside, provided an additional street view to this dim environment.

The interior design of the cafe was also designed by the designers to support this dim environment. While white and gray tones are preferred on the walls, dark wood is used on the floor, which adds naturalness to the environment.

An interesting bright blue is used on the counter in the cafe. Supported by LED lights, the bench has achieved a contrast with the environment. The wall of the wood oven behind the counter is covered with white glossy tiles that have the texture of stacking bricks. Thus, movement was added to the environment without spoiling the natural atmosphere in the environment and a different cafe design was created.

 With the shelves placed on the wall, the need for storage space has been provided. In addition, this storage area is placed close to the counter, making access to the shelves comfortable and easy. Moreover, an extra storage space for glasses has been designed by placing a ceiling shelf above the counter.

Although there is a slight lighting in the space, there are many light sources. Suspended lighting is used to provide sufficient light for each seating area. In addition, wall fixtures are placed in the space to support the ceiling lighting.

In the space, it is aimed to benefit from the feature of the mirrors to make the space feel wider. With these mirrors placed in the space, the boutique cafe decoration was completed by creating an integrity with the space.

Location : Bomonti / İstanbul
Date: 2017
Area : 150 m²