Located in Catalca, Istanbul, Catalca Villa has an area of 450 square meters and was completed in 2009. There are many details that complement each other in the architecture of the villa, which was designed using geometric shapes.

Black and white color dominates the facade of the villa. Natural stones are placed on the wall surface of frameless windows with the help of mortar and filling. With this part, which is dominated by black and gray colors, both the entrance part is emphasized and the upper floor window located on the vertical axis of the entrance is highlighted. While the black surface with the twin windows on the upper floor is preferred, the ground floor windows are highlighted with a plain white wall surface.

By using squares and rectangles, the villa looks like it was formed by a combination of different parts. The windows were also designed by the designers in rectangular and square shapes. Thus, the architecture of the villa was evaluated as a whole.

In the architecture of the villa, semi-transparent glass is used so that the spiral staircase inside is visible. The staircase, whose design is in harmony with the exterior of the villa, is visible from the outside, providing both a modern appearance and integrity on the front facade.

Black and white colors are dominant on the back of the villa, as in the front. Black color and natural stone texture are used in the wall detail, which is placed up to the level and vertically. Although the brown color was used again, this time it was used as a more specific detail. With the use of brown, wood texture has been added to the architecture and a naturalness has been brought to the general air.

Floor-to-ceiling windows are used on the back of Catalca Villa. Thus, besides creating an aesthetic appearance in the architecture of the villa, the interior is also made to feel spacious.

Location : Çatalca / İstanbul
Date: 2009
Area : 450 m²