The design of Harbiye Boutique Hotel, located in Istanbul Harbiye, was completed in 2017. The hotel has an area of 285 square meters. Light tones and wooden materials dominate the interior design. The hotel has a simple yet elegant design with many details.

A light cream color was used on the walls. This preferred color made the space feel large and spacious. On the floor, a light-colored wood was chosen. Thus, the space was considered as a whole and harmony was achieved between the floor and the walls.

The space has been evaluated in the best way, taking into account the user’s needs. Apart from the kitchen, a sitting area is also provided where users can spend time. The headboard has been given a leather texture look and wood has been used in the frame of the headboard. The lights on both sides of the bed, fixed to the headboard, have yellow light. The ambiance created with color and material preferences by choosing yellow light was supported. At the same time, it is aimed to make users feel more at home.

In order to support the lighting and to provide sufficient lighting in the living area, the same lighting is used in the headboard. Storage space is also provided by placing the cabinet, which can also be used as a mirror due to its doors.

In the kitchen, which is another part that users need, light color wood material dominates. Storage space is provided for the kitchen with under-the-counter and wall-mounted cabinets. A slightly darker cream color is used on the doors, which is compatible with the walls.

Location : Harbiye / Istanbul
Date: 2017
Area : 285 m²