Located in Istanbul Erenköy, Konuk Construction has an area of 4650 square meters and its design was completed in 2018. It has a rich atmosphere and fresh air with its residential details and color choices.

The living room and dining room have an open plan design. Light colors are preferred on the walls and ceiling. Contrary to the ceiling and walls, dark wooden parquet is used on the floor. It has added a unique atmosphere to the space by using LED lights on the ceiling. At the same time, a modern image has been obtained. The chandelier designed by the designers also has a rich design with its details and the gold color used. In addition, the same chandelier was used in the dining section. Thus, a stylish and simple design was achieved by avoiding diversity.

The color tones that dominate the living room and the lighting model used on the living room ceiling were used in the kitchen. On the ground, a lighter color is preferred. The marble texture on the floor is in harmony with the general interior decoration of the kitchen. As for lighting, it is aimed to preserve simplicity by choosing a model that does not attract too much attention.

The residence has two bedrooms. The first bedroom is dominated by a minimalist design. Simplicity has been preserved without going for color diversity. Only the wall behind the bed was not left plain, but a design created with intersecting lines added movement to the room. Simplicity was also preferred as lighting. In addition to ceiling lighting, pendant lightings are placed on both sides of the bed.

The second bedroom was designed like the other and the residence was evaluated as a whole. However, the mobility in the second bedroom is provided with a diamond patterned mirror. The chandelier was also designed by the designers using geometric shapes in a minimalist way. Also, there are LED lights on the ceiling.

In the children’s room, although not very vibrant colors, light colors are preferred. Contrary to the other rooms, a light-colored parquet was used especially on the floor. On the wall, a wallpaper with different shapes and patterns, which will please the children who will use the room, is used. For the same purpose, a frog-shaped lighting was used, which brings a fun atmosphere to the room.

In the bathroom, on the other hand, navy blue and white colors are used separately from the whole house. Simplicity has been avoided by using copper in the sinks.

Location : Erenkoy / İstanbul
Date: 2018
Area : 4650 m²