The design of Suadiye Apartment House, located in Suadiye, Istanbul, was completed in 2016. The residence has an area of 1185 square meters. Suadiye Apartment House has a rich atmosphere with its details and color choices. The house is dominated by cream, brown and beige tones. A classy look has been achieved with the golden details in the interior design.

When you first enter the residence, the presence of a large mirror in the corridor draws attention. The design of the frame of the mirror and the golden color used have completely changed the atmosphere of the environment.

The walls were evaluated in two parts. Vertical striped wallpaper was used on the walls and a different design was created with geometric shapes. A color in harmony with the color of the walls was used on the floor. In addition, by using black color and geometric shapes, both an integrity in the environment and the mobility in home interior decoration are supported. On the ceiling designed by the designers, geometric shapes that provide integrity with the floor and the color that dominates the environment were used.

Marble texture dominates all over the walls in the bathroom. Harmony has also been achieved by choosing a marble-patterned countertop. In details such as sinks and mirror frames, plenty of gold is preferred. While the golden color adds a rich look to the bathroom , it is in harmony with the general design of the house .

A simple design was used in the bedroom. The walls are preferred in light tones. A dark wood is used on the floor. The cabinets are in the same tones as the wall color. These light tones used made the room feel newer and brought a fresh air.

The lounge and dining area have an open space. While white wall paint is preferred on the walls, a light wood is used on the floor. Contrary to the floor and walls, a dark wood is preferred for the television unit. This dark color is supported by the chandelier in the living room. The chandelier designed by the designers added a gothic feel to the space. The same chandelier was also applied in the dining section.

Location : Suadiye / Istanbul
Date: 2016
Area : 1185 m²