Tahin Restaurant, located in Beşiktaş, Istanbul, has been serving since 2019 with an area of 90 square meters. Its plain design has been removed from the ordinary with the help of yellow theme and lights. In addition to creating a more interesting design, it is aimed to take advantage of the yellow color’s ability to make people feel hungry.

White and gray tones dominate the background of the design. Thus, the yellow color was brought to the fore. In addition, with the spacious atmosphere added by the white and gray tones, the area where the customers are located has also been made to feel more spacious.

In the interior, there are two panels with the logo of the restaurant, which consists of a design where black and yellow colors intersect on the right and left walls. These panels again supported the yellow color that became the symbol of the restaurant.

The emergency exit door formed a unity with the design and thus prevented the visual pollution that may arise. Likewise, lighting switches are also included in the design, just like in the emergency exit door.

With the bright and white countertops, a sense of cleanliness has been aroused in the minds of the customers. In addition, the counters are in harmony with the general impression of the restaurant.

While creating the design, it was also thought that people could turn to the restaurant from different directions. For this reason, the logo of the restaurant was engraved with stones on the right and left panels and on the opposite wall inside the restaurant. In this way, not only the customers who may come directly across the restaurant, but also the customers who pass near the restaurant have been enabled to be noticed more easily, and all people passing by that area have been included in the target audience.

Location : Beşiktaş / İstanbul
Date: 2019
Area : 90 m²