Located in Muğla Bodrum, Gündoğan Bodrum Villa offers a 140 square meter living space dominated by natural materials. Due to its location, the building is intertwined with nature and this feature has also been transferred to the interior design.

Although cream and brown tones dominate the entire residence, dark colors such as black have been added to the details, adding movement to the spaces.

Cream-tone ceramics are preferred on the floor and walls in the bathroom. However, black color is used in shower systems. Thus, while it is felt that it is a different space, a different atmosphere has been added to the bathroom. The shower area is separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass. Thus, making the space feel smaller is avoided.

A television unit with a stone texture was preferred in the living room. The stone material used has also created an integrity with the wooden door and wooden window frames in the space. By using separate lighting in the living area and dining area, it is felt that the areas are used for different purposes, while at the same time, sufficient light source has been gained.

In the bedroom, colors are preferred that make it compatible with other parts of the house. Brown tones and pendant lighting are used. While the walls have a smooth texture, the floor has a stained appearance. Thus, the simple design of the bedroom is shown more elegant. In addition, this floor was used in all spaces in the house except the bathroom.

Lighter colors are used in the kitchen. In the kitchen, which is desired to create unity with the house, matte surfaces are preferred instead of glossy surfaces. The light cream color that dominates the kitchen is balanced by using matte in pendant lighting.

Location : Bodrum / Muğla
Date: 2018
Area : 140 m²