Mia Bedroom Design was completed in 2016. The bedroom has an area of 21 square meters. The place is dominated by wood with blue and yellow colors. A vibrant and entertaining space has been created by using a colorful and lively design in interior decoration.

The working area, sleeping area and storage areas needed in Mia Bedroom Design are provided with colorful designs designed by the designers.

Blue color dominates the walls. On the floor, the vividness of the colors chosen for use in other areas is supported by using a light wood. In addition, naturalness has also been added to the space.

The two steps to reach the bed were evaluated and turned into a storage area. The section next to the steps is designed to save space and be used as a clothes storage area and dressing room.

The back wall of the part reserved for the bed is painted blue. By adding yellow details, mobility has been added to the wall.

A long desk is designed for the work area. Yellow color is preferred on the working table. Storage areas are again provided under the table and white color is used. A bookcase designed by the designers is mounted on the wall where the desk is located, and white color is used again. Thus, workspace users can easily access the library. In addition, it has created a unity with the room with its design and color.

Pendant lights are used for lighting. Yellow color is preferred for lighting. With its different design, the lightings both provided sufficient lighting and added a unique atmosphere to the space.

Location : Bomonti / Istanbul
Date: 2016
Area : 21 m²