Photography Artist

After graduating from Austrian High School, Cem Taylan studied advertising at Bahçeşehir University. At this period, he had the opportunity to work at the school on animation and motion pictures with Cemal Erez and Derviş Zaim. At the same time, she took drama training at Şahika Tekand’s group titled “Stüdyo Oyuncuları/Studio Players”. Following license training, while realizing his graduate studies on acting at the same department, to deepen his knowledge in the fields of light and photography, he started to work as assistant under Utopia Photograph established by Fethi İzan. Following an experience of three years, he left Pblok he was working under and commenced with his operations as a professional promotion  photographer. He is mainly producing at fields such as cuisine, architecture, furniture, portrait and still life, while continuing with his doctorate studies at Yeditepe University  Department of Philosophy.