Located in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, Engin Jewelry Store Nısantası has an area of 13 square meters and has been serving since 2010. Brown tones dominate both the architecture and the interior of the store. A classy look has been achieved by the designers in the design of the store.

The name of the store is written on a dark brown panel using handwritten font. While it is aimed to add a more unique atmosphere to the place, it is also ensured that it attracts the attention of the customers. All-glass showcases have been designed so that jewelry, jewelery and other accessories can be seen easily when viewed from the outside.

On the walls, wallpaper in a brown tone that is compatible with the environment was preferred. Instead of plain color wallpaper, a patterned wallpaper that does not tire the eyes and does not draw attention from the accessories is used. A large rectangular mirror is used on the wall covered with brown wallpaper. Thus, the store was shown wider and turned into a more elegant place with ambient lighting and other glass details.

The benches where the accessories are exhibited are designed to add movement to the environment instead of being plain. In addition, it has transformed the simplicity brought by the brown tones used into an elegant simplicity with the white color used.

Again, in order to display accessories, cabinets have been placed in a way that customers can see easily. The cabinets have a showcase appearance by using glass. In addition, by adding lights inside the cabinets, the accessories that are desired to be exhibited are prevented from being left in a dark area, so that they are brought to the fore. In addition, it is aimed to attract more attention of customers.

In the interior architecture, besides the customers, the store employees are also considered. A separate section has been created under the cabinets where the accessories are exhibited. Although it is not very visible, it is also in a good position in terms of accessibility. This section has become a part where necessary tools can be put, especially for sales transactions and other transactions.

Location : Nişantaşı / İstanbul
Date: 2010
Area : 13 m²