Fu Property Management Office, located in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul, with an area of 382 square meters, has been serving since 2018. Fu Property Management Office, which attracts attention with its simple office design, is dominated by contemporary office design.

When you first enter Fu Property Management Office, blue led lights stand out. While the wooden texture of the wall with the LED lights creates a unity with the floor, it also brings naturalness to the office.

Spaces created for two or more people to work have minimalist designs. All distracting elements are cleared and pale colors are preferred on the walls and floor in order to direct the focal point only to the desk.

Instead of the four-walled office designs at Fu Property Management Office, the designers used glass on the wall. Thus, even if the area is not very large, a fresh air has been brought to the office and the feeling of pressure that may occur on the employees is prevented.

It has been turned into one of the most elegant office designs by the designers by using flats and large lightings in all of the plain spaces.

By using many windows in the interior architecture of the office, the spaces are made to feel more spacious and wider, as well as providing the clean air that the employees will need throughout the working process.

Pale colors and simplicity dominate the entire office, creating a modern office design. A contrast is achieved by choosing darker colors on the floors and lighter colors on the walls. Thus, Fu Property Management Office has a modern yet distraction-free design.

Location : Mecidiyekoy / İstanbul
Date: 2018
Area : 382 m²