Located in Kozyatağı, Istanbul, Janjan By 360 restaurant has been serving since 2015 with an area of 280 square meters. Drawing attention with its different restaurant design, Janjan By 360 offers a different experience with its interior decoration.

The red led lighting used when entering the restaurant for the first time becomes the direct focal point. Lighting, which has a distinctive design in the form of thin lines, dominates throughout the restaurant, making this small restaurant design more impressive.

In the living areas, mostly dark colors are preferred and it is provided to be in harmony with the intense red light. Different patterns and colors are used on the floor of some seating areas. Thus, the sitting areas are separated from each other by certain boundaries.

Janjan By 360 restaurant has become a more natural place with the placement of plants. Also, the artificiality, which is the effect of red light, is balanced. In addition, an integrity has been created with the wood that dominates the floor.

In this place dominated by red light, it is aimed to benefit from the energizing and appetite-increasing effect of red color. It also instills confidence in customers with its expectation-raising feature.

Bright, orange and red color tones are used in the small bar section of the restaurant. Thus, the bar section has been transformed into a place that can attract people’s attention and want to spend time. The bar counter has been made more attractive thanks to the black stripes that intersect each other from different directions on the vertical surface of the bar counter.

Various wallpapers were used on the walls. In this way, not only movement is added to the space, but also the customers feel that certain seating areas are separate from each other.

Location : Kozyatağı / İstanbul
Date: 2015
Area : 280 m²