Located in Istanbul, Darussafaka Apartment House has an area of 160 square meters and its design was completed in 2015. A beige color is used on the walls, which brings calmness to the space. On the floor, a parquet in harmony with the color of the walls was preferred. The white color on the ceiling has prevented the feeling of pressure that the beige color can bring.

The living room and dining room have an open plan. In addition to the windows on the two walls, there is a window in the corner of the space. Thus, an additional area that can be used as a sitting area has been obtained. In addition, the space feels more spacious and a fresh air is created.

By applying separate lighting to the living area and the dining area, both adequate lighting is provided and the areas are separated according to their purpose. By using pendant lighting, both the ceiling is higher and the environment feels more spacious.

The geometric shapes used in the lighting also support the beige color that dominates the space, resulting in a modern design in home interior decoration. The lighting on the side of the sitting area was designed as a sphere by the designers. The details used in the lighting have taken the space away from boring. Thus, a stylish simplicity has been achieved in the design.

The lighting on the side of the dining area was designed by the designers using hoops. Thus, the two lightings are not considered independently of each other and a relationship is provided between each other.

A white door is preferred for the space. In this way, the boringness that can be brought by using only the same color tones is prevented. In addition, translucent glass was used in the door. This translucent glass used has also brought a modern feel to the residence.

Location : Darussafaka / İstanbul
Date: 2015
Area : 160 m²