Located in Adısababa, Ethiopia Hotel Concept Project in Ethiopia was completed in 2015. The hotel has an area of 245000 square meters. Every part of the hotel has been designed in line with the needs of the users. In addition, these designs have an aesthetic beauty. In the architecture of the hotel, it was given an appearance as if the hotel was divided into two parts, thus attracting the attention of the customers.

Bedrooms have taken interior architectural design to a different dimension with lighting. Glossy surfaces are preferred in some bedrooms, while black matte surfaces are preferred in others. Lighting is provided from the ceiling and different lightings are designed. In addition, study areas have been created in the bedrooms. The table used is designed in harmony with the design of the bedroom.

In the bathroom, the harmony of black and wood was used. Black and white are used on the walls, and light wood is preferred in the sanitary ware section. Thus, the simplicity that black and white can bring is avoided. In addition, a natural air has been added to the bathroom.

In the other bathroom type, dark wood was used alongside black and white designs for the same purposes. Again, different types of lighting were preferred.

In the dining area of the hotel, brown tones dominate. It is aimed to make users feel comfortable with the naturalness brought to the environment by using plenty of wood. The hotel also has a bar section. In the bar section, black and dark brown tones dominate.

In the cinema located in the Ethiopia Adısababa Hotel Concept Project, the color red is used alongside the black color in order to add a little more fun and movement to the space. Red lighting is preferred on the steps of the cinema.

The hotel also has a hall to be used for weddings. The living room is dominated by white or light tones of pink. Glossy surfaces are preferred and the needed lighting is provided by using many lightings.

Location : Adisababa / Ethiopia
Date: 2015
Area : 245000 m²