The design of Maryo Kelesoglu Dentist Clinic, located in Şişli, Istanbul, was completed in 2019. The clinic has an area of ​​15 square meters. The areas needed in Maryo Kelesoglu Dentist Clinic were provided with a different interior architectural design. White and gray colors dominate the space. In addition, dark wood is also used, which adds naturalness to the environment in harmony with these color tones.

In order to make this area of 15 square meters feel more spacious, half of the wall on the left when you first enter inside is covered with a large mirror. A section has been designed in front of the mirror that can be used as both a storage area and a working area. Glossy gray color is preferred for the cabinets. On the counter part, white color is used. White and gray colors are preferred on the walls and floor. The white color that dominates the clinic evokes the feeling of a clean environment in the users, while the gray color adds a unique atmosphere to the interior design.

When you enter inside, the wall on the right is covered from floor to ceiling with a large bookcase consisting of small and large shelves in vertical and horizontal lines. The bookshelf, made of dark wood, brought naturalness to the space.

A different design was used in lighting. Recessed type spotlights are used on the ceiling. Thus, besides meeting the need for illumination, it has become one of the most elegant office designs with its different ceiling design.

The door is also evaluated as a whole with the space and is white in color. The door choice supports the plain office design of the space.

Location : Sisli / Istanbul
Date: 2019
Area : 15 m²