Located in Istanbul Ataşehir, Ilkbank Conference Hall has an area of 360 square meters. In the interior decoration of the Ilkbank Conference Hall, which opened its doors to users in 2015, aesthetic concerns were taken into account by the designers, as well as the factors of focus and distraction of the audience on the stage. In general, the conference hall has a lively but non-distracting atmosphere.

The red, black and gray armchairs do not have any pattern. Red armchairs prevented the simplicity of black and gray armchairs and made the seating areas more attractive.

Lightings are not so much, but more focused on the stage. Thus, a comfortable viewing pleasure without tiring the eyes of the audience is aimed. Light sources were added to the steps in the conference hall, allowing the users of the hall to see their steps and a possible accident was prevented.

Wooden texture was preferred on the side walls and the wall behind the stage and reflective stripes were added. This gives movement to the walls. Thus, the conference room is completely freed from boredom. However, very distracting colors were avoided, allowing the audience to focus on the stage comfortably. In this architectural project, both the stage users and the audience were considered.

In the floor design, the designers preferred carpet covering in gray tones that would not attract attention. Thus, it was ensured that it formed an integrity with the environment. In addition, the lightings placed to illuminate the floor both meet the lighting needs and add an elegant atmosphere to the conference hall.

Location : Ataşehir / İstanbul
Date: 2015
Area : 360 m²