The design of Sarp Apartment House, located in Istanbul Kadıköy, was completed in 2018. The residence has an area of 270 square meters. Sarp Apartment House has a minimalist yet stylish design. It has a unique interior design with the details designed by the designers and the color transitions created by the preferred colors.

The living room and kitchen have an open plan design. Light tones are used on the walls that bring calmness to the space. On the floor, light-colored wood, which is compatible with the color of the walls, is preferred. Likewise, white color was used in the kitchen counter and cabinets. Although the ceiling looks like a loft in the space, the feeling of pressure is prevented by the light colors used.

The room has floor-to-ceiling windows. Thus, the space is made to feel more spacious and a fresh air is created. In addition, it was ensured that the outside view was easily seen.

The chandelier designed by the designers has a rich design with its details and preferred gold color. This lively chandelier used in the simple design of Sarp Apartment House has become the focal point in the environment.

There are two bedrooms in the residence. A simple yet elegant design was preferred in both bedrooms and the same color tones were used in all spaces of the residence, keeping the simplicity without going for diversity.

A minimalist design was also preferred for the lighting in the first bedroom. White color is used in harmony with the walls and floor. However, as in the living room, golden details were added, adding diversity and excitement to the interior decoration of the home.

Simplicity was also preferred by the designers for the lighting in the second bedroom. The chandelier has been given a wooden look by using brown in a way that will create integrity with the stained-looking parquet on the floor.

The residence also has a dressing room with a small preparation area. Again, the colors that dominate the whole house were preferred. For lighting, the same design as the chandelier in the second bedroom is preferred.

Although simplicity is preserved in the children’s room, different designs are used in order to have a pleasant time in the room and to support creativity. Patterned wallpapers are used on the walls. For the lighting, a frog-shaped lighting was chosen.

Location : Kadikoy / İstanbul
Date: 2018
Area : 270 m²