Such duplex garden floor flat located at one of the central spots of Teşvikiye, is designed in the intimate atmospheres of old Teşvikiye houses although situated within premises of a new building structure. Benefiting from the advantage of being a newly constucted building, the residence was fictionalized in such a manner that the entire infrastructure within the house is compatible with the requirements of its residences and designed from the stairs to the dimensions of its window frames. In respect of being both ecologic as well as economic, it is used on the façade overlooking the garden, special glass panels of three layers. An acoustic ambience required to befit the tastes of the owners is planned. And the garden is planned as a rare specimen of its type by maximum usage the garden walls and diversity of the exotic plants.

Location : Teşvikiye / İstanbul
Date: 2017
Area : 180 m²